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ALL TINGS,WHICH YOU SEE...you can order by me ‘With 23 years experience, the team are well trained to design curtains from the largest to the smallest windows’ Making new Dresses: Our highly qualified specialists will carry exclusive fashion sewing, any difficulty of any type of tissue. Our goal - to help you dress, not only beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and unique. You can order the tailoring of their sketch or an existing model. Bespoke, just released by the professionalism of the work: the perfect cut and fit, well made ​​seams and treated loops for the buttons. Clothing tailoring in the studio - is the ability to make a reality of all their dreams, create your own unique and original style. We are engaged in tailoring unique things and developing the original models.

28 November 2011

Crochet Curtains

25 November 2011


mod. 1                         mod.  2
Одежда для собакОдежда для собак
Демисезонная одежда для собакmod  3                         mod. 4
Одежда для собак

07 November 2011

Place over window...(examples)

Well, who does not dream of the soft couch near the window where you can retreat and relax from the hustle and bustle. Here and in the book can be read, and drink hot chocolate while admiring the snow-covered landscape of the city, and look at the stars at night, and just collect my thoughts. An ideal place for a romantic nature:)
In addition, these constructs are functional. See for yourself: 


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