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ALL TINGS,WHICH YOU SEE...you can order by me ‘With 23 years experience, the team are well trained to design curtains from the largest to the smallest windows’ Making new Dresses: Our highly qualified specialists will carry exclusive fashion sewing, any difficulty of any type of tissue. Our goal - to help you dress, not only beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and unique. You can order the tailoring of their sketch or an existing model. Bespoke, just released by the professionalism of the work: the perfect cut and fit, well made ​​seams and treated loops for the buttons. Clothing tailoring in the studio - is the ability to make a reality of all their dreams, create your own unique and original style. We are engaged in tailoring unique things and developing the original models.

01 August 2011

http://mirshtorok.ru/?cat=4Curtains transform a room. It is getting warmer and cozier. Depending on the length, number of folds, such as draping lace curtains and cornices give a lot of different effects. The windows appear to be incomplete without a clearance. With blinds you can enter a bright spot of color or a new pattern and texture in a modestly furnished room and unpretentious.
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curtains with lining Lining increase insulation, mute the light and protects the tissue from the harmful effects of dust and sunlight. Due to the greater density and weight gain curtains flawless clean lines, perfect for living room or bedroom.
For best results, liner must be of good quality and meet the severity of facial tissue, so they draped and worn the same way. You must select the lining of the same color or another shade of the base color, or stay at a traditional white or beige. Buying a darker or contrasting lining, you should bring a sample to test the underlying tissue, since the liner can shine through it.
The removable liner is hung on hooks behind curtains and can be easily removed for washing or for the summer. It can be added to the existing simple curtains. This is ideal for fabrics requiring special care, because the lining and curtains can be washed separately. In addition, it is not necessarily gather as a curtain, and thus reduce the amount of tissue.Sewn lining sewn to the main fabric and can be removed for washing separately. It strengthens the base cloth. If the tissues require different care. should be given ready-made curtains dry-cleaned, otherwise it will deform under varying shrinkage of the tissue.      http://mirshtorok.ru/?p=145#more-145

EXAMPLE-02-Curtains for your SITTING-ROOM. when bay-windows are in the room.

The bar can be made of wood, metal, plastic or metal and plastic. At the round curtain blinds can be fixed with fabric loops or rings, eyelets,. Curtain blinds made of wood is preferred by those who appreciate the classics, like beauty and quality of this natural material. Plastic moldings are usually used for children's rooms. They are inexpensive compared with other materials and have a bright color. Forged rods sought, they combine the charm of antiquity and modern technology.

Profiled cornice appeared in the 60s. They looked easier (narrow metal rails without any decoration) and the hooks were not removable. Cornices, based - aluminum profiles are practical and durable. Used for light, medium and heavy curtains, as well as for curtains with lambrequins and gangs. Can be uniserial, double-row, three-row ... Eaves can be attached to the wall or ceiling. Any profiled cornice is made in accordance with the individual dimensions of your windows!

Cornices with baguette bar. Baguette - translated from French means "artistically designed bar." Collection baguette curtain has many forms and shades of beads, which are combined with plastic tires and aluminum profiles. Eaves can be fitted with a shadow or a ceiling. May be different ryadnosti.

Venetian blindsHorizontal blinds consist of aluminum slats 25 mm wide wooden slats and a width of 25 mm and 50 mm, and a steel profile with eaves-control mechanism. Horizontal blinds emphasize a strict, formal, business environment office, at home in conjunction with curtains can create a cozy atmosphere. Perfect the mechanism of the turning blades to efficiently manage the flow of light. Special technology of punching an aluminum strip fills the room ambient light, even when the blinds are closed. Horizontal aluminum blinds are resistant to fracture. Vertical blinds are fabric and plastic. For their manufacture using materials of different colors and textures. From translucent to solid jacquard fabric, to achieve the desired degree of illumination of the room. For lovers of natural fabrics are the main component of which is woven wood or bamboo. Vertical blinds rotate around its axis, and parted from left to right or from the center. They look equally good in the office and at home. If the damage blades they can be easily removed and replaced with new ones. You can change the entire fabric without changing the cornice, which is much cheaper than buying new blinds. If desired, vertical blinds can be combined with curtains - it will give the room a special originality and comfort.

Blinds - one of the most practical way to design window. Perfectly combined with curtains and drapes, curtains, these features create a warm atmosphere in the living room, children's room and a pleasant shade in the bedroom. They are also well placed in locations where the use of curtains is not possible. Roller blinds are mounted on a wall, ceiling or window opening.

Pleated blinds - it's one of the most modern and fashionable solution for decorating windows. Appearing recently, they immediately gained recognition of many people. They were a worthy alternative to the horizontal blinds and roller blinds, successfully combining the functionality, originality and appeal.

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