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ALL TINGS,WHICH YOU SEE...you can order by me ‘With 23 years experience, the team are well trained to design curtains from the largest to the smallest windows’ Making new Dresses: Our highly qualified specialists will carry exclusive fashion sewing, any difficulty of any type of tissue. Our goal - to help you dress, not only beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and unique. You can order the tailoring of their sketch or an existing model. Bespoke, just released by the professionalism of the work: the perfect cut and fit, well made ​​seams and treated loops for the buttons. Clothing tailoring in the studio - is the ability to make a reality of all their dreams, create your own unique and original style. We are engaged in tailoring unique things and developing the original models.

25 August 2011


1. A small-sized window curtain drapes should not be, especially if they are sewn from heavy dense fabric. It is recommended to limit light curtains with organza or voile, who will miss most of the world, and look great the small windows. Not suitable for small windows and fabric with large floral or abstract prints. If you want to close a small window at night, it is better to add elegant curtains roman blinds or shutters fabric.
2. In low areas or windows that are disproportionately low arranged in the room, the cornice should be installed so that the curtains start from the ceiling. In addition, it is to choose a fabric with vertical stripes or a pattern. Holders of such blinds is better not to do, or, in extreme cases, place them above the ordinary. Also,the ability to pull the room and the curtains have long directly to the floor or better yet soft folds lying on the floor.

3. On the high, narrow windows with curtains look good lambrequin to visually conceal the height of the window opening. Or alternatively you can stay on the volume of lush curtains, they will occupy much more space on the sides of the window, thereby correcting its visual proportions. Look great and crossbones curtains or blinds, selected low-lying caught.

In order to remove the height curtains, make measurements of the distance from the hook ledge to the floor in three or more locations. This is necessary in order to eliminate the curvature of ceiling and floor, if size coincided subtract from the result that the distance at which the curtains should be raised from the floor. To measure the width of the curtains, measure the distance between the extreme positions of the cornice hooks for curtains. If you plan to sew curtains with variable height (for example, the curtains "The Arch"), select two or more pixels high - a point the lower edge of the upper point of lifting, etc.
If you have to be installed above the sloping ledge (usually an option window decorations found on the stairs, or in country houses and cottages in the rooms under the roof) you will need to remove the following dimensions: height of the cornice on the lower level, the height of the upper level of the eaves , the length of the cornice, and the length of the cornice on the line.
In order to remove the covers to the size, measure the length and width of the bed, bed size and ruffles. The width of the bed: the bed to measure the width and length of the bed, as a rule is 2.00 - 2.10 m for the standard models. To set the size of the ruffles covers, measure the height of the bed with a mattress and takes away from the height of the result, which would frill up from the floor.
To set the size of tablecloths, measure the length of the sides of the table - if table top rectangular or square, or diameter - if the table top is round. To find the size of the free edge ruffles or cloth, measure the height of the table and take the size to which the hanging edge of the tablecloth should rise from the floor.