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ALL TINGS,WHICH YOU SEE...you can order by me ‘With 23 years experience, the team are well trained to design curtains from the largest to the smallest windows’ Making new Dresses: Our highly qualified specialists will carry exclusive fashion sewing, any difficulty of any type of tissue. Our goal - to help you dress, not only beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and unique. You can order the tailoring of their sketch or an existing model. Bespoke, just released by the professionalism of the work: the perfect cut and fit, well made ​​seams and treated loops for the buttons. Clothing tailoring in the studio - is the ability to make a reality of all their dreams, create your own unique and original style. We are engaged in tailoring unique things and developing the original models.

01 August 2011

                                                             01. Small table cloth-     10 euro
                                                                      02.Small table cloth-12 euro
                                                 03.       On the diagonal -32 sm.-18 euro
                                                              04.   On the diagonal -28 sm -16 euro
                                                          05.-    example-small table clothes-can be different colors (by order)
                            06.-   on the diagonal -46 sm-25 euro
                                        07.-   on the diagonal-22 sm-18 euro
                                             08.-   Diagonal cloth-32 sm-22 euro
                          09. Table Cloth-diagonal-86 sm-65 euro
                                                 10.Table Cloth-diagonal-36 sm-(complicated crochet)-32 euro
11.Table Cloth-diagonal- 56 sm-42 euro-(SOLD)
                                        12.Table Cloth-diagonal-32 sm-36 euro
                                                   13.Table Cloth-diagonal-56 sm-45 euro
                                              14.Small Table cloth-diagonal-24 sm-10 euro
15.Very nice Table Cloth-diagonal-46 sm-35 euro
                      16.Creamy Big Table Cloth-96 x 58-(complicated crochet)-68 euro

17.Very nice and large Table Cloth-(complicated crochet)-Creamy color-156x86sm-100 euro